robinRobin Dicey

Consulting Viticulturalist

“My aim is to try to provide the winemaker with something that will not require ‘silk purse from a sow’s ear’ treatment in order to achieve a great finished article!”

Robin Dicey was raised on a farm and vineyard in South Africa and gained his Diploma of Agriculture from the University of Stellenbosch. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1977 as Corban’s viticulturalist later leaving to start a kiwifruit orchard at Katikati in New Zealand’s North Island.

During a skiing holiday to Central Otago, he saw one of the early established vineyards which sparked his interest in the region. He did some research and two years later moved to Bannockburn to set up his own vineyard which is now part of the Mt Difficulty label.

Since 1992, Robin has been in hot demand in the region as a viticulturalist, teacher, advisor, (and raconteur), with hundreds of hectares of planted vines to his credit.

There’s probably nothing about grape growing in Central Otago that Robin doesn’t know – well that’s what he tells us anyway!